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Long Beach State University Office of Alumni - 

"The Culture of Winning": Profile of Men's Volleyball Head Coach Alan Knipe 

Coach Alan Knipe shares his inspiration for volleyball success at LBSU by diving into his schooling years. A brief history of LBSU's men volleyball team is shown and the current 2018 NCAA title forecasts Alan Knipe's motivation for on-going teamwork improvement. 

Medium- LBSU Office of Alumni "Beach Connection" magazine.


"When Giving is a Way of Life": Profile of Orange County Attorney Laura Meier

Attorney Laura Meier discusses her upbringing in Westminister, California and the spiritual influences of the diverse community. Now, Meier uses her philanthropic spirit to give back to the community with the Meier Law firm's legal and financial services. 

Medium - LBSU Office of Alumni "Beach Connection" magazine.

Daily 49er - 

"Students hold ‘Believe Survivors March’ in response to Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court appointment": Coverage on LBSU student body political reaction.

In-Depth Coverage of student advocates participating in a collective march around LBSU campus. The Women, Gender, and Sexualities student association contribute to the formation of the student meet-up. 

Medium- Daily49er online website 

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"President Conoley confirms retirement of Prospector Pete": News of controversial LBSU mascot and public reaction.

Insight on the removal of controversial mascot, Prospector Pete. A list of a variety of opinions on LBSU mascot is contributed by students around the campus. 

Medium- Daily49er online website 

*Note: Attribution does not include my name due to website glitch. Daily49er references give upon request for verification* 


"Domestic violence and technology symposium dissects 'power and control'. 

Brief coverage of LBSU's Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Women's Equity Center symposium collaboration for domestic violence in the new age.  An itinerary of the 45-min panel discussion is listed with topics discussed. 

"Google gives female engineers $35,000 grant".

Google's efforts to promote diversity in the engineering fields highlight the impact of growing female participants in LBSU's engineering programs. Long Beach State University's Society of Women Engineers chapter is discussed throughout the written piece. 


22 West Magazine - 

"The Life Cycle of Art": A larger than life childhood nostalgic piece. 

Artist Patrick Doughtery gifts Long Beach Museum of Art a one of a kind willow branch installation. The artist discusses the inspirations behind his nature-driven art collective and dedicated volunteers. 

Medium- 22 West Magazine online issue


"Behind the Couture": Model Auditions

Exclusive coverage on Long Beach State University's fashion group, Campus Couture. Auditioning models share their personal experience and goals for the upcoming fashion show. Leading Campus Couture officers to discuss upcoming deadlines for the anticipated fashion show. 

Medium- 22 West Magazine online issue  


The Fox Magazine - 

The Natural Light Issue

In collaboration with Editor in Chief Mike Fox and other editors, "The Natural Light Issue" online print features an inside look to the photography world and the essence of natural lighting. A brief photography contest on behalf of The Fox Magazine is briefly covered with highlights of the winners. 

Medium - Online ISSUU The Fox Magazine profile

The World of Millennial Relationships

No strings attached. Are we a generation of devotees or free spirits?
New research by Currys PC World has unearthed how Millenials feel about commitment. 

Medium -  The Fox Magazine


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