About Me

From the city life of San Francisco to the barren lands of Omaha, Nebraska, I found a calling to share my personal experiences through the means of writing and illustration. 

Today, the drive I have for writing, reading, and creating is still alive and thriving.

In the four years of higher education at San Francisco State University and Long Beach State University, I learned to encourage myself to embody the brand I represent. 

The brand I embody is LGBTQ+ positive and embraces the lack of attention to underrepresented community groups (individuals with visible and non-visible disabilities, Latinx community, etc). I promote inclusive information and represent individuals through written work or illustration.

Therefore, the skills I learned from both my Journalism classes and womxn, gender, and class study courses, highlight the importance of the community-driven brand that I hold close to heart.

Now, I'm fresh out of the school system and I have high hopes to use different social media and digital platforms to help spread awareness of the community through art and writing.

Most importantly, I strive to work with a network of individuals that find the motivation to help the community, especially underrepresented groups.

On this personal site, you will find published work and extensive information on past work experience. 

Feel free to look around and dive into the different works of mine. 

Cheers to the care and well-being of loved communities!


Feel free to contact me via email or any social media platform.

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