Short Piece - 'Falling for Me'


Falling for Me By Karla Yesenia Lopez 


Energy seems to be easily disposable nowadays as my body and mind grow into motherhood. 

The physique that seems to catch the male gaze now captures my own.

Passing through the enormous grocery store fridges, the Wall Street look-alike glass doors in Downtown, and the foggy bathroom mirror, my body symbolizes the divine feminine. 

I am the life-giver of a human or soon-to-be. 

Gracefully, I caress my evergrowing womb that holds a fast-beating heartbeat. 

Love sprouts within me and outside of me. 

Love is the evergrowing changes one goes through mentally, and physically. 

Love is me that forecasts on to the surrounding environment. 

The blessing of life becomes sacred and the opinions of the world become a white buzzing noise. 

Every life growing within me is protected by my own self because the world's chaos is only chaotic if one allows it to be in their own universe. 


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