Short Piece - 'CPTSD'


'CPTSD' By Karla Yesenia Lopez 


Every geometric shadow reflects on the white canvas walls. 

The tired eyes feel like plastic bags sitting shrunken on the upper side of the facial cheeks.

A cat yearns for attention in the distance but the call for attention seems to dissipate into non-existence. 

Numbness overcomes the tense body, transitioning into a temporary relaxation. 

Although, the head and lower neck pulsate from the ringing of tension. 

Every movement within the geometric shadow reflects on the corneas. 

A buzz overcomes the silence and the ears ring. 

A war begins in the mind of past events, those in question, and other events of disbelief. 

Tears swell up the wrinkled old bags and fertilize the skin as it trickles to the side of the warm sunken pillow. 

A mental flash becomes the trigger to the numb and disbelief feeling. 

The self disintegrates into the sheets of sorrow. 

Life becomes less than what is expected. 


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