'Abnormal' & 'Untypical'

"Abnormality" is a hard pill for society to swallow. 

Anything deemed out of the ordinary is questioned, doubted, or dogmatized.

Imagine walking down the street and you see yourself appreciating graffiti art that can be found on the long bricked Los Angeles buildings. At the corner of your eye, you spot someone walking up to the wall with a face of disgust. Following the reaction, you hear the individual bashing the art and dismissing its value because of the stigma behind street graffiti and gang activity.

This is a prime example of society standards of beauty, life goals, art expression, finances, career, politics, family, etc. 

Now, consider the refusal of an individual based on their life experience. It is quite common especially prevalent within "cancel culture".

We can never fully accept each other as individuals, and i'm saying "we" because i'm guilty of judgement. 

Dismissal seems easier for most instead of understanding each others knowledge we gained from childhood. Shame and disregard are conjoined into the dismissal and we justify it by nitpicking the experiences of others. 

Our personal childhood experience stems from parental figures and their knowledge in raising a family. The learned knowledge becomes the foundation for the family dynamic, whether it be a healthy or toxic one.

Other institutional factors like school, work, religion, and friendships shape our experience as a child. 

I believe growing up in a Roman Catholic household shaped the narrow view of morality and life achievements/goals for myself. The Roman catholic church is prideful about the doctrine which celebrates christianity tradition, and emphasizes heavily on family dynamic. Its emphasis on family dynamic weighs heavily on gender roles which can be seen through the imagery of saints and prophets. 

According to Catholics and Culture Organization, 

"This can entail recognizing activities or devotions that men or women are more likely to participate in; instances when particular devotions reinforce or undermine culturally normative roles for men and women; ways that understandings of God, Jesus, Mary and the saints can be shaped or limited by local gender concepts, or even undermine them; ways that leadership roles in lay organizations are gendered; and ways gender is communicated in child rearing and coming of age practices"

Despite the stress of gender roles, I hold certain Catholicism morals to heart because it feels like home to me. Yet, I don't judge or bash those who preach each word and interpret the meaning word for word.

As long as no harm is being done physically or mentally, we should celebrate our differences instead of shaming them for not following a liberal or progressive outlook. Honoring each others experiences and beliefs opens up conversation, knowledge, and awareness. 


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