"About Love"

"About Love...". Karla Lopez. 2019.

A new appreciation for a luxurious idea, place, person, or idea molds into the cold ground where the soul and body connect.

The grounded excitement crawls up the spine, connecting the newly found feeling to the powerhouse of the body.

The feeling is overwhelming, distracting, and engaging.

But, the empty, intimidating, and overcrowded world is finally attainable.

A secluded and terrifying world becomes yours with the palm of the hands and everything seems to be okay now.

All the blooming, lustful ideas from the spiking confidence become the distinguishing life accomplishments.

Close to the early Mayan calender, the creator of your lifeline becomes you.

Tarot Wellness Reading, 3 Card Pull: Past, Present, and Future. 30 Nov. 2019
Past - Wands, Present - The Fool, Future - Wands. 

"About Love..."

A pondering sentiment fumes these words into the subconscious, and the mind becomes the prison house to the soul.

The key to unlocking the penitentiary is grounding a person's well-being and secluding the addicting emotion.

Similar to the sweet-smelling substance and reputable Greek myth "ambrosia", everything of the newfound feeling feels so good and so hard to let go.

Love is about the newfound connection found in lust, and love is a fantasy that sits at the bottom of the connection between the mind and the soul.

"About Love..."

Love is to lose yourself in a new universe created by the "inner child" personality.

The innovative, enthralling, and deeply personal ideas feed off the pure fantasy of any person, place, or goal.

Love is... "about love".

Unexplainable and passive as it is televised in every media known.

Love is love.


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