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Forgive and Accept

Sitting in still motion with running thoughts is uncomfortable and hard.

A flood of hurtful arguments, comments, and events become the full illusion in your mind during the anxious moment of feeling.

The present sound, touch, smell, and visual blur themselves to the deep crevices of the mind. All senses hypnotized by the overflooding rush of reflection.

Often, it is hard to let go of past situations of hurt. Emotions can accompany the racing thoughts as if the hurt was being done then and there during the moment of panic.

It is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, embracing the rush of pressed emotions is essential to love yourself.

No fear or shame should be felt in bearing and healing from emotions years later.

With the current lack of self-care, social, and financial demands, it can be hard to take a minute or two to feel.

We deem ourselves to oppress the hurt because we "don't have time".

The focus of life is blurred into structured identities that are classified valua…

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